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Hmm.. well today ive made the decision to start a blog. I think alot, too much really. Its time I put some of my thoughts and feminine expiraments down on paper..or..err blog it. Most of my blogs will be about typical girl stuff. Possibly proving the fact that a majority of us ARE crazy. Its ok though, wear it with pride. I am also pregnant, so i would like to pre-apalogize for any expressed thoughts and feelings that may have been multiplied to th nth degree. Dont get excited ladies, I am not a feminist. I do not nor do I try to wear the pants in my relationship. But as you may read on in some of my blogs, I, like many other women, am about tests and mind control over men. :) The blog I am most excited (and nervous) about is the power of the vagina. ENJOY



Here I go thinking again. Last night I was rejected my “golden ticket” once again. Which is absolutely absurd for a man to do to a moderatley attractive women like myself. He kindly told me off, and unlike other nights where I would pout and manipulate his penis, I rolled over and started thinking. RULE #1 dont EVER get your girlfriend in her head by herself. There I asked myself, am I just THAT unattractive?? Is he cheating on me?! Does he not love me?? ect. Now, im sure you have been there before. Until, as crazy as it may sound, I found my solution.

You see, we have been lacking a certain “spark” in our relationship. His role is working and providing and mine has been eating and bitching about my swollen feet from my pregnancy. He stopped telling me how beautiful i am and how much he loves me. So, why continue with any “physical intimacy” until we can patch up our “emotional intimacy”? Why not have fun with it? Like a test? So here It is, a 30 day by day of the power of the vagina. Im not telling him about this blog or my secret test. I know it seems to be cruel and unusual punishment, but hey, if the wife is unhappy, life is unhappy.

Night #1

Dean* (changed name) came home from work all dirty and tired, hardly acknowleging me as I slaved over his dinner. I asked him to chop onions and he complied. I fed him, and he made a smart remark on how it was “hardly a meal” because it wasnt steak. Whatever. I cleaned the kitchen and re-cleaned some plates he “rinsed off” a couple days prior. I asked him to put clothes in the go. I asked him to take his work clothes out of the dryer that I washed for go. So I puffed a little frustrated and went to take a shower, where he so humbly invited himself in. Nothing happened. It was as innocent as washing a baby. I washed him down with his favorite soapy loofa, and sent him out. I climbed into bed and wouldnt you know, he makes a move..NOW he makes a move. AFTER the fact that I had ALREADY made up my mind. Well, my pride just wont let me back down, but my prenatal hormones wanted to slam into overdrive. Ive never been in that situation before so I lay there like a limp noodle and told him what he tells me EVERY time. “sorry babe, too tired.”

He continued to try and eventually got the point. He excused himself and got out of bed. I DONT wanna know what he was doing in the bathroom. But I had never felt so fufilled that I had expressed so much self control. I rolled over and went to sleep.


I feel slightly guilted by the previous post above, my boyfriend is an amazing boyfriend, dont get that confused. Obviously we just need work, like any other relationship. He got off of work today and bought me some fast food so I didnt have to cook -awww. We watched movies until I decided I was tired and wanted to go to bed. He followed. BEFORE we crawled in together, he flexed his beautiful tan muscles in the vanity mirror, and revealed to me a nice sized boner.. WHAT THE HELL! I think I stopped breathing for a second. Ok ok, i know my 30 days of not having sex can be a cake walk to some people, but if you have to sleep with his muscles wrapped around you, his breathing down your neck, and his penis casually pressed against the back of your leg EVERY NIGHT, its mission impossible. But hey, I resisted.

Why is it that since Ive started my “dry spell” with him, NOW he wants to grope me? Is it because I have a new hint of confidence? Because Im refusing to give up the goods and making him work for it? Oh someone please tell me. I thought men were such simple creatures until I met Dean.